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American Marine Engineering is a Full Service Firm.

American Marine Engineering will handle and process all of the permits required for your project. For many who are not in the marine construction industry, permitting is usually confusing. We understand the federal, state and local requirements and can get it done right the first time. By utilizing a proactive work approach we are able to obtain agency permits in a timely and efficient manner. We will handle any extensions necessary and will act as a liaison to the different agencies to make the building process a seamless one for you.

World-Class Seawall Engineering

American Marine Engineering is proud to offer a full range of seawall engineering services for our customers. Our licensed engineers can sign and seal seawall designs in numerous states.


  • Seawall Permits & Insurance
  • Planning
  • Engineering Design
  • Design Build Process
  • Installation Engineering
  • Inspection

Dock Construction

From pilings to mega docks or from your backyard project to a commercial marina, we can meet your needs; on time and competitively priced. AME has been building docks in throughout the USA for over 40 years.


  • Dock Permits & Insurance
  • Planning
  • Engineering Design
  • Design Build Process
  • Installation Engineering
  • Inspection

Maintenance & Repairs

AME provides and recommends regular annual maintenance of docks, seawalls, piles and piers in order to protect and prolong the life of your investment.


  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Maintaining Docks & Piers
  • Maintaining Seawalls

Coastal Engineering Services

The planning, engineering, and design of structures along the shoreline of rivers, estuaries, harbors, and oceans. It is a unique and challenging discipline as designs must consider the effects of the harsh environment on the structures, for example from wind and wave forces or corrosion.


  • Coastal Structures
  • Coastal Modeling
  • Design Life Analysis

What We Offer

  • Conceptual drawings delivered to you in AutoCAD or PDF format.
  • Preliminary Designs based on provided information about soil conditions and exposed wall heights.
  • Ability to work one-on-one with your professional engineer or contractor.
  • Full-fledged design capability including signed and sealed drawings at a competitive price.
  • Top notch seawall engineering services for owners, developers, and contractors.

Superior designs as well as significant cost and time savings. AME Engineering has helped a number of owners design and build their Marina to meet their needs. Our understanding of the difficulty of the permitting process, the environmental forces, and the needs of different vessel types and sizes can help you design the perfect marina for your budget and design life. Our expertise in Coastal Engineering can be applied during the planning stages to minimize siltation, avoiding costly future dredging projects.

Engineering Qualifications​

The professional engineers at AME represent the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. Whether you’d like some professional advice for your backyard seawall or in need of a complete value engineered design for a 500 slip marina, our professional staff is ready to help. We’ve completed over 2,000 successful seawall designs over the last decade. AME engineers represent the capstone of knowledge and expertise in the synthetic seawall industry. Our designs use the latest Auto Cad, Pile Buck, and Slope/Global Stability software to ensure accuracy and safety in our design work. We can assure you of the long-term performance of your wall long before installation begins. Our engineers have designed projects for the U.S. Navy, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, FL Department of Transportation, as well as numerous municipalities, marinas, waterfront developments, and private residences.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“They made the whole process easy, from start to finish.”

Nick Eliopoulos – Coral Gables, FL

“Their design team and engineering is excellent. They were timely, neat, and completed the project ahead of time! Drawings were presented and followed through to completion. They made the process so easy.”

Mike Thompson – Boca Raton, FL

“Everything was done in a professional manner with knowledge and integrity, these guys were great!”

Dr. Dan Morgan – Miami, FL

American Marine Engineering is a Full Service Firm.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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