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Steve Holdaway

President & Chief Executive Officer


Steve earned his Bachelor’s degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois, MPA from Indiana University and his PhD from American University.  He has served as principal engineer and project manager on numerous multi-million-dollar waterfront projects in the Southern United States, Caribbean and South America. He has over 40 years’ experience in civil marine design and development, and asked to serve as an expert witness. Steve is a Certified Contractor with the US Army Corps of Engineers and has actively managed Corps jobs throughout the Gulf coast for the past 30 years. Having managed complex marine and offshore engineering projects for the private, commercial and public sectors, Steve brings an added level of detail and expertise to every project, no matter how large or small.  He has been involved in all phases of intercostal and ocean intake and outfall development projects and routinely consults owners, engineers, and government officials on international projects.  Steve holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.  The PMP is the gold standard of project management certification. Recognized and demanded by organizations worldwide. Steve is a retired US Navy Aviator. He served in Operation Desert Storm. Steve is actively engaged in several community and veteran organizations. He holds a professional license in several states and in the Mideast. He is a member of SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers), Gulf Engineering Association and ASCE.

Julio A. Velez PE

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Julio is originally from New York and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Manhattan College. Prior to relocating to South Florida, he worked in the coastal and marine engineering departments for a large international consulting firm. Julio has served as principal engineer and project executive on numerous internationally acclaimed projects. Julio has been selected to participate in expert groups related to marina design and waterfront development as well as serve as an expert witness. He is a recognized speaker on coastal resiliency in Florida. He is active in professional organizations that push industry to improve the quality and efficiency of infrastructure, including the Marine Research Board, ASCE’s Coastal, Ocean, Ports & River Institute, and the World Navigation Congress (PIANC). As Executive Vice President & Director of Operations, Julio leads AME’s ongoing efforts to build and maintain business relationships and strategic partnerships. This has led to relationships with non-traditional teaming partners who bring new technical approaches to age-old infrastructure and marine issues. Julio looks to long-term relationships that bring mutual benefit to all stakeholders. Julio is a licensed engineer in NY and member of the Moles Society for Professional Engineers.

Mobeen Shahid P. Eng.

Senior Vice President of Operations


Mobeen has led or played significant roles in numerous vital infrastructure projects for public agencies throughout the Northeast & Canada, including New York State DOT Bridge Repairs and Construction Support; New York City DOT Rehabilitation of Atlantic Avenue Viaduct over LIRR. Mobeen has managed many large scale mining projects in Eastern Canada. He currently is in the process of acquiring his PE License in Florida. He earned his B.S. in Mine Engineering from the world renowned Lassonde Institute of Mining, at the University of Toronto. An international leading research institution. With extensive experience engineering complex underground and marine projects, Mobeen brings a unique combination of technical knowledge along with a pragmatic design approach. His strong leadership and ability to reason cost-effective design solutions are well regarded by clients ranging from owners & marine contractors to port engineers.  Mobeen is a licensed engineer in Canada. Mobeen is an active member or the Canadian (CSCE) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Don Hickey PE

Senior Vice President of Construction Management


Donald (Don) Hickey, P.E., is Senior Vice President of Construction Management for American Marine Engineering for the southeast division of AME North America. In this role, Don has corporate management responsibility over the regional office. Don has extensive experience in the construction business dating back to 1994 and has managed numerous multi-million dollar transportation and marine projects. Don holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College and is an active member in the Moles, an organization of professionals engaged in the construction of tunnel, subway, sewer, and foundation, marine, sub-aqueous or other heavy construction projects. Don is a licensed engineer and general contractor with the State of Florida.

Mohamad Sadek PE

Vice President of Coastal & Harbor Engineering


Mohamad is a professional civil and marine engineer with a wide scope of field expertise including Geotechnical Analysis, Berthing Study, Structural Analysis and Design with exceptional focus to detail. His vast knowledge lends to ability to be a proficient project coordinator between the civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical disciplines. Mohamad has worked on extensive projects including the study of the impact of floating piers, water tide data, hydrodynamic studies, and numerical modeling for waves and hydrodynamics as resource tools to design and deliver structural solutions. He is skilled in conceptual layout, 3D sketches, and modeling to deliver state-of-the-art results. He has earned his Master’s Degree of Civil Engineering, specializing in Harbor Engineering and Coastal Protection from Port Said University.

Mufid Abu-Zahra PE

Vice President of Engineering


Mufid is a Professional Engineer with mechanical engineering and business expertise emphasizing product quality, cost optimization and supply base services. Skilled in developing supplier commodities from the bidding process through system integration, validation, and releases. Expertise in diverse commodities enabling improved presentations of product technologies and enhanced sales performance. Managed projects with accountability for timing plan, expediting output and providing guidance, leadership and managerial support.   Mufid is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. Mufid has a professional engineer’s license in Michigan and Florida.

Diving Staff

Captain Joe Gore

Director of Residential Diving Operations


Captain Joe is the director of our residential diving operations, which carries out many detailed job requirements. The complex engineering inspection, test and repair of docks, piers, piles and seawalls.   Captain Joe is meticulous in his inspection of ships, buoyage systems, plant intake and outflows, underwater pipelines, cables and sewers, using closed circuit television, still photography and testing equipment.  As a result of his diligence to detail and data, AME can formulate the repairs for ships, bridge foundations, or other structures below the water line, in addition to pilings and footing, seawalls and bridge emplacement. AME’s diving team operates underwater video, sonar and GPR and carry out NDT testing and collection of samples. Captain Joe is a PADI master diver.

Hank Holdaway

Vice President Commercial Diving Operations


Hank oversees our commercial diving operations, which carries out many detailed job requirements. The complex engineering inspection, test and repair of docks, piers, piles and seawalls.   They additionally inspect ships, buoyage systems, plant intake and outflows, underwater pipelines, cables and sewers, using closed circuit television, still photography and testing equipment.  AME repairs ships, bridge foundations, or other structures below the water line. AME’s commercial divers operate underwater video, sonar and GPR and carry out NDT testing and collection of samples. They also install pilings and footings, seawalls and bridge emplacement. Hank is a US Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom. He is active in veteran affairs and veteran outreach programs. He is a Certified Master Diver.

Supporting Staff

Lavar Jones

Director of Construction Services


As director of construction services and construction superintendent, Lavar oversees the operations of the construction sites, from planning to completion. His duties as our construction superintendent will vary, however, he is responsible for daily scheduling, supervising all activities and tasks, and ensuring the safety and compliance of the site.

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